Activated Charcoal 75g

Activated Charcoal 75g

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Uses for Activated Charcoal Powder

Ingestion of Poison

One of the most common uses for activated charcoal is for the safe and effective treatment of poisoning and drug overdoses. It's actually used in emergency departments around the world for this purpose

Gas / Bloat

Feeling bloated or have too much gas? Taking a teaspoon of charcoal powder in a glass of water will go a long way to alleviating those symptoms and may get rid of them altogether


Whitens Teeth

Are your teeth stained from cigarettes, tea or some other substance?

Brushing your teeth with charcoal powder helps clean and whiten them. It can also help prevent bad breath and gum disease.

Simply dip your toothbrushe in the charcoal powder and brush your teeth as normal.

Be careful not to spill charcoal on fabrics as it can stain. 

It’s not pretty while you’re brushing, but afterwards you’ll be glad you tried it!...

Water Filtration

Charcoal is often used to filter water, and remove toxic substances. It is effectively used all over the world for this.

It is worth noting that it will not trap viruses or bacteria, which should be neutralised through heat, evaporation or ultra-violet methods.

Clean water is important for good health. A charcoal filter can help remove chloride/fluoride and other toxins/chemicals in your tap-water

Poultice or Compress

Activated charcoal powder can be mixed with ground linseed and water, then slowly brought to a boil and left to cool in order to form a paste.

This can be applied with the use of a chux cloth or similar as a poultice to help treat infections, splinters, etc.

General Tonic / Detox

Add a teaspoon of charcoal powder in a glass of water as a general detox.

The charcoal does its work of adsorption while it travels through your intestinal system.

Be prepared to see black stools as it passes through. ;)

* Medicinal Grade
* High Adsorbency
* Steam Activated
* Finely ground powder
* Made from 100% Coconut Husks
* Health retreat nsw, Australia