Borax 250g
Borax 250g

Borax 250g

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What Health Issues Benefit from Borax?
* Arthritis
* Osteoporosis - balances Calcium, Copper and Magnesium levels in the body to inhibit Calcification
* Bone Spurs
* Calcium Deposits
* Lupus
* Autoimmune Disease
* Hormone Imbalances
* Fungus
* Candida
* Ringworm
* Tinea versicolor
* Insomnia
* Rough skin
* Gout
Urinary Tract Infections
High blood pressure 
It can fight viral, bacterial and fungal infections
immunity Booster
prevents the accumulation of fluorides
Effective in the treatment of Cancer
beneficial for treating Hair Problem like Dandruff
helps in proper functioning of the Brain
good herbal treatment for Phlegm
A.K.A Boron, Boric Acid
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