Herbal Bath Salts

Herbal Bath Salts

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Herbal Bath Salts - 280g in reusable glass jar


Hibiscus Flower

The Botox Flower - Firms and lifts the skin

Evens Skin Tone, hyperpigmentation, dark spots etc - Moisturizing - Exfoliating - Gentle cleanser


Lavender Flower - Calming

relive headaches, muscle strain, stress, tension and general aches and pains, helping to keep away congestion and colds 


Ginger Tea 

Skin Problems - antiseptic properties - Increased blood circulation - speeds up healing process - Relieves Joint Pain - aching muscles - muscle cramps - Detoxifying - headaches - Body Odour 

Pour a generous amount of herbal bath salts into your bath

Soaking for not more than 20 minutes works to ease pain and relieves stress

Using Herbal bath salts is the perfect way to aid healing and unwind


Please Note 

Herbs are powerful healers. It is recommended you don’t use herbs in your bath anymore than twice a week.

A feeling of tiredness commonly accompanies a ginger bath. So taking it just before going to bed is recommended. 


  • Those with medical conditions such as hypertension or cardiovascular problems should consult a doctor before taking a herbal bath.