Personal Use Coconut Oil 100g

Personal Use Coconut Oil 100g

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Personal Use Coconut Oil 🌴

Coconut oil is anti-viral, antibacterial, anit-microbial, and anti-fungal it has plenty of beauty and personal care uses.

Here are just some of the ways you can use coconut oil outside the kitchen


Moisturiser - Just slather on and enjoy  🌴🌴🌴


After waxing or shaving  😊

Brushing teeth - oil pulling 😄

As protection against swimming pool chemicals.

Use coconut oil a moderate sun protection: “Coconut oil protects the body from sunburn and skin cancer without blocking the beneficial UV radiation. Coconut oil doesn’t rely on blocking out the sun’s rays, it works by preventing free-radical reactions which lead to all the consequences caused by overexposure to the sun.” Please note: If you’re going to be out in the sun for a long time I recommend covering up with a hat and long sleeves etc ☀️👒🕶🌂

Lip balm 💋

Face wash and make up remover 💄

As a deep conditioner for your hair. Simply rub into your scalp and hair, leave on for a couple of hours and shampoo as normal 💆🏼

Shaving cream  💃🏼👨🏻

Athletes foot 👟

Directly on the perineum to help heal after birth

Nappy rash  👶🏼

Cradle cap

Personal lubricant

Stretch marks

Massage oil

Can help sooth psoriasis or eczema 

Prevention to head lice...🐜🐜🐜

Hay fever relief...put some on your pinky fingers and stick them up your nose 👃🏼


Personal Use Coconut Oil 🌴